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In general we take care of cars better than our bodies. We make sure the we have our cars serviced regularly, making sure we use the right oil or gas, the tires pressure are right, and the treads not worn out, fan belts not loose and other things to insure they are running in optimum shape. On the other hand we put all kinds of junk into our bodies, don’t exercise to keep it in shape, don’t go for check ups. We just wait till it breaks down before try to fix it and to often it is beyond repair.Take care of your most valuable asset. Good day, Your Fitness Doc.

pinit fg en round red 16 ContactPocket

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    1. Rachel, Sorry to hear about your lolo not being able use his right side. I would guess he had a stroke that left him with this problem. Usually we usually suggest that patients with this problem see a physiatrists, or rehabilitation physicians, are nerve, muscle, and bone experts who treat injuries or illnesses that affect how you move for evaluation. Planning rehabilitation starts with good asscessment of you Lolo’s problem and rehabilitation is tailored according to his needs. In may community we have rehabilitation hospital dedicated to this types of patients. I don’t know if these resources are available in your community. Here is the most recent blog I wrote about Muscle Weakness and Aging:

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