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Laurence T. Gayao, MD / Total Fitness Medicine Founder/Fitness Doc

I came out of medical school in 1971 and after residency in Family Medicine at Texas Tech University Health and Science Center I practiced for forty years traditional medicine in the specialties of family and later in emergency medicine. All along I accept being called a health care provider. Most of what I did however was acute intervention of the results of illnesses that were mostly brought about by an unhealthy life style. If the patient had high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea, congestive heart failure, and other illnesses I prescribed them medications and mentioned that they needed to loss weight and exercise, in a perfunctory manner. Patients kept on coming back progressively and but mostly getting worse with time. There was no systematic effort to alter the life style that lead to these problems.

Early in my career I studied on my own exercise physiology and nutrition, and diligently applied it till I got too busy in my profession and I  gradually gained weight and eventually had elevated blood sugar and hypertension just like most of my patients. I after retirement I got back into the fitness program and delved into study of life style induced illnesses. It has made me realize as expensive and highly technologically advance our health care is, it has basically has been neglecting promoting health as evidenced by the fact as nation we in the US have the highest per capita expenditure for health but our life expectancy is among the lowest among developed countries. Health business is misdirected in its focus and it is one of the largest industries in the US, good for profit for providers but bad for consumers. I now desire to share as much as possible the gospel of a healthy life style which is the key health and happiness. This is what Total Fitness Medicine is all about. 

Cheers to happy, healthy and long life,

Laurence T. Gayao MD, Fitness Doc

In general we take care of cars better than our bodies. We make sure the we have our cars serviced regularly, making sure we use the right oil or gas, the tires pressure are right, and the tire treads not worn out, fan belts not loose and other things to insure they are running in optimum shape. On the other hand we put all kinds of junk into our bodies, don’t exercise to keep it in shape, don’t go for check ups. We just wait till it breaks down before try to fix it and to often it is beyond repair. Take care of your most valuable asset. Good day,

Your Fitness Doc

pinit fg en round red 16 Fitness Doc Laurence T. Gayao MDPocket

7 thoughts on “Fitness Doc-Laurence T. Gayao MD

  1. I am for a change of lifestyle program..that is why I am about to register myself to your program..My husband and I were diabetics, hypertensive and high cholesterol..but this is all behind us now..and because of that we became supporters of any programs for changing lifestyles. We are certified Gospel Medical Missionary Evangelist from Centurion Ministry…God is good and we would like to help others too.

    1. Thank you for sharing your personal experience getting healing through life style changes and being personally involved in helping others. Jesus was known to combine teaching and healing in his ministry, Matthew 4:23 “Jesus went throughout Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom, and healing every disease and sickness among the people.” God bless you as you continue share your blessings with others.

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